About Marktron

Marktron is an engineering and technology oriented electronics manufacturer’s representative.


Working closely with our manufacturers and customers at the engineering level, our goal is to facilitate the greatest overall value to our customers, be it off-the-shelf products or a complete custom solution.


Even though our focus is on the technology, we, to a great extent sell the entire organization, always seeking input from all who make or influence buying decisions. Ultimately we hope to be regarded as a resource to both our customers and manufacturer partners throughout the entire product life cycle.


  • Established in 1970.

  • Oriented towards design-in of custom and modified standard product.

  • Mainly calling on Engineering and Product Development.

  • Focus on profitable, sustainable business.

  • Represent mix of subsystems and components.

  • Biggest markets: Military / Government, OEMs, System Integrators.

  • Financially Sound.

  • Coverage: Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. 

Sales Experience

  • Commercial, Industrial & Military Account Sales

  • Communication and Networking

  • Integrator and Distributor Sales Support

  • OEM High Volume Contracts

  • Machine Vision Equipment

  • High Speed Compute Engines

  • Technical End User Sales

  • Board Level Sales

  • System Level Sales

Sales and Marketing Team

John Haynos, Sales Engineer



8006 Reichs Ford Rd

Frederick, MD 21704


Chris Gildea, Sales Engineer



410-630-3599 (fax)

411 State Street

Annapolis, MD 21043


Rob Haynos, Sales Engineer



14455 Sedona Drive

Gainesville, VA 20155

Tia Skopek, Marketing Specialist



Electronics Representatives Association members, since 1970

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Headquartered in Frederick, Maryland


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