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Astronics Announces Next-Gen Circuit Card Diagnostic and Test System

PinPoint 3-PXIe offers component-level diagnostics and high-performance functional testing in one system

EAST AURORA, NY, April 28, 2021 – Astronics Corporation (Nasdaq: ATRO), a leading provider of advanced technologies for global aerospace, defense and other mission critical industries, announced its next-generation circuit card diagnostic and test system, the PinPoint 3-PXIe (P3-PXIe). Combining more than 30 years of development of the PinPoint Circuit Card diagnostic system with industry-standard PXIe technology, the P3-PXIe identifies failures down to the component level and can test a variety of mixed-signal products with the flexibility of PXIe.

Ideal for use on avionics equipment, radar, weapons systems, military or commercial aircraft, ships, and more, the P3-PXIe offers component-level troubleshooting with an intuitive graphical interface and comprehensive suite of tools, including the ability to generate gate level schematics for undocumented or legacy circuit cards. The integration of PXIe capability allows use for a wider range of applications and ability to functionally test from the edge connector, determining if a circuit card is Ready for Issue (RFI).

“The PinPoint range has continued to provide the defense industry with the tools to determine the exact cause of failure in their systems, helping to eliminate No Fault Found (NFF) results and limiting spending on unnecessary support,“ says Jim Mulato, President of Astronics Test Systems. “Now leveraging PXIe technology, the P3-PXIe opens the door to a wide variety of applications, providing a broad range of users an affordable way to maintain or upgrade their diagnostic equipment."

The P3-PXIe features the PXIe-6943 digital test instrument from Astronics Test Systems. This provides the user with high-speed functional test capability that can replicate and replace legacy test sets and supports functional edge testing of digital I/O up to 50MHz.

PinPoint was originally developed by Diagnosys, which was acquired by Astronics Corporation in October 2019 and is now incorporated into the Astronics Test Systems (ATS) business. For complete PinPoint 3-PXIe product details, to view the datasheet, or to request a quote, please visit solution.”

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