• Rob Haynos

Falcon Electric Introduces New 4.5kVA FN2 Online UPS

New 4.5kVA FN2 Online UPS Expands 6 to 10kVA Product Line

May 19, 2021

The R&D and Engineering teams at Falcon Electric have introduced a new rackmount and tower 4.5kVA model in their advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology FN2 product line for IT networks and other applications. Falcon now offers this feature-rich product line in 4.5, 6, 8 and 10kVA models with scalability to 40kVA and N+1 capability to 30kVA.

Quick Overview:

  • Unity power factor – saves energy costs and floor space since no UPS oversizing

  • Extended battery banks – minutes to many hours of runtime

  • Hot-swappable, 5-year rated batteries (25°C/77°F) – reduces costly and frequent battery replacement

  • Advanced communications – standard shutdown software; optional SNMP/HTTP agent board and relay cards

Visit Falcon’s website for their complete line of award-winning products known worldwide for high reliability, including Industrial UPS (1 to 6kVA) and Network UPS (3kVA and under), or contact Marktron for more information.

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